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Warraty Policy

Warranty Period :

Cover for a period of 12 months (365 days) from the date of purchase,  Q Mobile Autoworld warrants your product that fails to function properly under normal usage and according to Owner's Manual.  This warranty covers repair, replacement of parts and workmanship without charge to the customer.  This warranty is applicable in Malaysia only.


Warranty and Service Guidelines

* This warranty does not cover installation or damage resulting from ACCIDENT, MISUSE, IMPROPER WIRING, OPERATING OUTSIDE of manufacturer specifications or against instruction in user's manual

* This warranty does not cover any damages resulting from natural disaster ( suach as earthquake, flood, lighting strike, fire, etc.. and accident during goods in transituct 

* This warranty does not cover any damages to the product resulting from misuse and / or consequential damage due to negligence and abuse, improper use of electrical supply, subsequent damage from leaking, damage or inoperating batteries or the use of batteries not conforming to those specified in the Owner's manual.

* This warranty does not cover modification or alternation on the product circuit or software and or otherwise has been tampered with unauthorized parties

* Altered, defaced or removed serial numbers on the warranty card will void the warranty.

* In no event will Q Mobile Autoworld be liable for the incidental, consequential, or other damages resulting from the use of the product,  this includes but is not limited to; damage of hearing, property or person, damage based upon inconvenience or on loss of use of the product.

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